V is for Versatility

Versatility, value and style are three words that sum up the Brooks Brothers line very well.  A versatile wardrobe is a must for those who want to succeed in the multilayered work environment of today’s business world.  You need a set of clothes that can go effortlessly from the board room to the dinner table of a potential client, or the community room of your favorite non-profit and still give you the professional edgeBrooks Brothers understand all the demands on your time and apparel.  They have been suiting up the captains of industry for over 100 years, and they are not about to quit now.  They know that today’s Baby Boomers on a pension and the Millennials taking first steps on their career paths both expect exceptional quality at a fair price, and Brooks Brothers delivers on that, too.  They have teamed up with Groupon to offer their goods, at a price you can afford.

Through Groupon, you can save as much as 50% off select merchandise that’s on clearance, and 25% off the purchase of three or more dress shirts – a staple in the wardrobe of any man.  And you can expect even more savings by using their exclusive promo codes and special deals online and instore.  So if you work or live near a store, you can take the discount today, and wear your new shoes and accessories tomorrow.

The country might be facing a wage gap, but there’s no gap in the quality of their stylish apparel for women at Brooks Brothers.  You’re guaranteed to get the same high-quality workmanship and trendy styles in the women’s department as in the men’s.  And they have a line of accessories like jewelry, belts and bags so you can complete your shopping in one stop.  In the past, Brooks Brothers was the domain of the successful male.  Now everybody can get in on the act – even kids.  They have a wide selection of children’s apparel so you can truly shop one site and find something for everyone in the family.  As the days of summer wind down and attention turns to back to school needs, you’ll be pleased to find lots of choices to round out their casual pieces or add to their dressier clothes for special occasions.

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