Steps Before You Start Planning Your New Build

The procedures and steps to take before planning your new build; ensuring funding is in place, you find a suitable plot and assemble your professional team.

The considerations and procedures to follow before the first brick is laid

It’s an exciting prospect building a new home and creating your own, bespoke living space, but there are some significant steps to take before you can get down to choosing the soft furnishing colour scheme. Planning ahead and getting able professionals on your side are the keys to a smooth pre-build of your dream property.


It’s an obvious point, but it’s important to establish a budget and not only stick ruthlessly to it but incorporate a contingency fund if aspects cost more than you expect. Something you hadn’t thought of may need funding or materials costs can increase after initial quotes have been submitted – a minimum of 10% of your budget is considered sensible.

Is the finance in place? If not, look into your options; for example, a self build mortgage releases money in stages to meet chunks of expense as they occur.

Your plot

If you haven’t yet earmarked a plot then this can be time consuming and frustrating – but it’s obviously key to the smooth-running of the project. Think carefully once you do find a plot, as it’s not just about the plot itself but also the surrounds. Is it easy to get to? How accessible are local amenities? Will it be practical and pleasant to live there in the long term, or will aspects such as, say, remoteness become a frustration after a while?

When you’ve found your plot, you’ll need to know you can actually build on it. Check if it has outline planning permission or, if not, secure permissions before you buy the land.

You’ll also need to know what type of land it is as this will inform what type of building can be done; aspects such as soil conditions and drainage will affect this.

Assemble your team

Even if you’re going to do some of the hands-on work yourself, you’ll need certain professionals such as architects, surveyors, and various contractors and of course the builder.

You may have an architect in mind who might recommend a trusted builder, or the reverse could be true. You may also put in place a company who provides measured surveys to enable you to have highly accurate pre-build plans of your new build. These can prove invaluable in giving everyone a highly accurate blueprint for what lies ahead.


Before paid work starts – and initially it will likely be with your architect before the builder – it’s important to have proper contracts in place including details of the project and deadlines for completion of tasks, and of course agreed fees and when payments are due.

Check insurance

You’re nearly ready to start building, but before you do, ensure any insurance you require is in place before anyone sets foot onto your plot to start any work.

Start planning

At this point you’ve basically covered the key steps prior to planning your new build, so now will be the time to have your architect draw up plans and have the measured survey done.

It’s exciting now as you’ll see your appointed professionals turn your desires for your new build into a coherent plan ready for consideration by your local authority’s planning department.

Let the build begin

Assuming you get planning approval, your dream home will soon become a reality. It won’t be long before the foundations are being dug and the first brick is laid!

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